We are the beat you need to broadcast your content on all CTV platforms.

We provide monetization services in the CTV ecosystem through brand safe ads coming from our multiple connections to mainstream Supply Side Platforms and tier 1 consumer brands. The constant optimization and innovation of the ad technology implemented within our apps permit us to reach higher fill rates and CPM’s making us your best option to leverage the monetization potential of your content.

No matter if you're a content creator, licensee or a media company. We're willing to partner up, define a strategy and develop your path to audience growth in the CTV ecosystem through providing:

Full technological development package.
Tailor-made design and interface.
Monetization Solutions.
Marketplace integration and management.

You bring the content. We will take care of the rest.

+ 5 years of experience.
+ Development of AVOD & SVOD CTV apps.
+ 50.000 hours of curated video content available on our apps.
+ 60 CTV applications developed within Roku and Fire TV.
+ 30 live owned and operated CTV Apps.

We’ve designed and developed a UI that provide content creators and licensees a medium to broadcast their content through the Roku and Fire TV platforms.

On Demand Development.

Our service is built specifically for media organizations and content creators that need cost effective and easy to use platform to operate free, ad-supported, subscription or PPV streaming channels.

Helping leading brands growing their streaming business with:

Multi-Platform Development

The Beat is not just another solution for Roku or Fire TV channel development. Our specialists can develop frameworks to broadcast content within any streaming platform.

Subscriptions / PPV and Ads all within our platform

Manage recurring subscription payments.
Easily monetize LIVE and VOD content via Subscriptions/PPVs Ads all within our platform.

Dynamic Ad Insertion

Make your streaming ad’s personal and seamless.
Increase your Revenue by 3X and works on all devices.

TV Station in the Cloud

Web based Playout Server and Scheduler.
Instantly turn your pre-recorded videos into a 24x7 live feed in linear mode.