Here are some reasons to work with us and boost your results

Global sales team covering most major countries
Our SSP connections will increase your revenue on all ad formats
Integrated with the most effective DSP’s, Ad Networks, Trading Desks and Ad Exchanges


Some of our best performing campaigns have relied on display advertising to achieve our partners goals because display provides a great ROI and enables you to reach your KPIs.

We rely on advanced targeting technologies to hit the right audience with the right message.

Some of our display solutions are:

  • — CPM
  • — Dynamic CPM
  • — Performance (CPA, CPC, CPL)
  • — Behavioral


Online video ads in average are likely to receive at least three times more clicks than other digital ad formats and its presence is only expected to increase in the digital advertising environment in the upcoming years.

We have an extensive understanding of the audience targeting and performance metrics for digital video ads with thousands of videos watched every day.

We have the possibility to run different types of video ads:

  • — Pre-roll (In-stream)
  • — Mid-roll (In-stream)
  • — Post-roll (In-stream)
  • — In-banner video (Out-stream)

ctv connected tv

Connected TV ads represent one of the fastest growing segments of advertising.

We’re able to monetize your over-the-top (OTT) and internet protocol television (IPTV) content with ads delivered to Connected TVs.

Reach audiences directly at home when they are leaned back enjoying their favorite shows, generating the highest video completion rates.

The ads are reproduced in Full HD resolution when the app is being uploaded and during the content streaming. An OTT content provider may have its audience located in many countries and with our technology we ensure that the ads are targeted appropriately for their viewers in each country, we also have the means to apply ad restrictions rules set by country, category or community among other options.


Smartphones became available to all ages and audiences. Considering this, the advertisers must enhance their presence within mobile devices to stay relevant and deliver their messages to their audiences in order to reach them at the right time and place.


We manage our own Demand Side Platform (DSP) which grant us the ability to offer our partners full access to third party data providers, ad networks, ad-exchanges and aggregators.

We can access almost 99% of the global inventory on all formats, this allows us to build customized media plans tailored to meet your campaign KPIs at scale.


Our expert team works with all search engines in the market (Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Bing, etc.), you will be able to reach your customers when your product is being searched online, increasing the exposure of your website and products towards your potential clients. 

We use advanced remarketing solutions added to automated tools for research and analysis, to implement both large-scale and smaller budget campaigns.

Audio Ads

We make it easy to execute cross-platform digital audio ads. We use innovative audio ad formats to monetize your inventory.

Make use of our flexible buying, targeting, and reporting capabilities.

Our SSP’s connections for audio ads will boost revenue from all sales channels.


Nowadays marketing objectives need custom social media strategies and implementations, the creation of a whole community around your brand and promoting viral actions that enhances your brand presence are the key to achieve a top of mind position within your potential customers.

We’ve been working with many brands combining innovative custom solutions with a wide range of services such as:

  • — Social Applications
  • — Digital Media
  • — Blogging
  • — SMO (Social Media Optimization)
  • — Implementation
  • — Real time tracking / reporting
  • — Seeding